Educational game for children with autism

iSEQUENCES is an iPad and Android tablet educational app for children, especially for children with autism or children with other special educational needs.


This game was developed together with "Planeta Imaginario Foundation", an early intervention centre for children and teenagers with Autism/ASD that operates throughout Spain and in some other European cities. 

A total of 100 sequences and 6 characters have been designed to allow your child who fun whilst practicing:
Autonomous habits like brushing teeth, washing hands, getting dressed or going to bed.
Fun activities like going to the beach, to the movies or do sports.
Daily situations like falling down, taking the bus, go the doctor, buy bread or get wet in the rain.
Emotions like happiness, sadness, surprise or being afraid.


iSequences on iTunes.

iSequences on Google Play.

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  • Techonology

    iOS, Android.
    SQLite, Flash, AIR, AS3.

  • Tasks

    Gameplay programming.
    Scrum management.