Slalom, The Videogame

Wheelchair Slalom simulator

Slalom, The Videogame, is the simulator of a sport named "Wheelchair Slalom", practiced by people with cerebral palsy. The aim of this game is to provide an insight to the rules, types of tests and circuits to people who wants to practice this sport. Or even providing a system to improve their times practicing new movement strategies.

This game doesn't pretend to be a substitute of the real exercise, but simply a help to improve and know more about this sport without the need of space, time and qualified personnel that the real exercise requires.


Socred 10/10 on Ablegamer's review.


Download the game for free here: Slalom, The Videogame.

  • Year


  • Techonology

    Windows desktop.
    Unity 3D, C#.

  • Accessibility

    Game speed setting.
    Joystick or keyboard control mode.
    Mouse control mode (for eye tracking and trackballs too).
    One button control mode.
    Control sensitivity settings.
    Help lines to guide between obstacles.
    Music and sound volume settings.
    Closed captions.
    Brightness and contrast settings.
    Two languages​​: Spanish and English.

  • Tasks

    Game accessibility design.
    Gameplay programming.
    Scrum management.