The Last Door

Low-res horror adventure

Episodic horror game, with original low-res visuals and a gorgeous orchestral music score.

Each chapter is funded by the game community through the website:


What the media says about the game:
"Love letter to Lovecraft". Penny Arcade.
"Soon, I will stop trembling". Gamezebo.
"The world, particularly the audio, has found its way inside my head." Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
"While you can’t see the terror-stricken face of a dead body, you can imagine it, and I always find that to be much more horrifying." Indiestatik.


More than 1 millon gameplays on flash game portals.


Read "Reducing accessibility barriers on an adventure game" article on The Last Door forums.



Armor Games: Best adventure game 2013.

Kongregate: Top 10 games of 2013.

Gamezebo: Best games of 2013.

Indie Games: Top 10 indie horror games of 2013.


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  • Year


  • Techonology

    Web, iOS.
    Flash, AIR, AS3.

  • Accessibility

    Dyslexia-friendly font.
    Descriptions of sounds (Closed Captions).
    No time limits to read.
    Simple control.

  • Tasks

    Game accessibility design.
    Gameplay programming.